Questionnaire design

Since I am designing my own online research survey at the moment, I thought that I would complete this one:, since it is very broadly related to my own topic. It might serve the needs of these particular researchers well, but it had, from my perspective, a number of frustrating questions and design aspects. One of the multiple choice questions didn’t give me a choice I was happy with (and no ‘other’ option was provided). The questions with ‘free text’ answers were a little vague. A useful exercise in questionnaire design, nonetheless.

If you are a music researcher (broadly construed) you might like to take the survey.  It took me about 8 – 10 minutes.

Update, 8 January 2015:

Another academic survey which was quite tedious to plough through. Grammatical solecisms and spelling mistakes abounded. I stuck at it for my benefit rather than the principle (sic.) researcher’s.

Update, 11 January 2015

This survey fails at Q.7, where no suitable option is available.  The questionnaire’s introduction doesn’t explain that the participant needs to be / have been a ‘user’ of substances and that doesn’t become obvious until Q.7.

Following a twitter conversation with the author, he agrees that the introduction could have been clearer and will amend the text accordingly.

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