Einsteinian upholstery in meaning construction

During a recent conversation with my philosophy supervisor, we talked about how to give weight (in the sense of assigning relative weights) to meaning, particularly in the context of our idiolectical usages.  We mentioned, in passing, as a metaphor for this process, the way in which, diagrammatically, mass distorts spacetime (the gravitational effect).  This week I have been reading JPE Harper-Scott’s The Quilting Points of Musical Modernism: Revolution, Reaction and William Walton.  Harper-Scott takes his use of ‘quilting point’ from the standard translation of the French ‘point de capiton’ used by Jacques Lacan in his critical theory.  It is literally the upholsterer’s button, which Lacan uses as a metaphor for the transient anchoring point which ties signified and signifier together.  The similarity between the spacetime diagram and the upholstery nodes with their implicature of ‘capture’ is striking.

papier-peint-capitons-cuir-rose GravTopview

This week I have been investigating different programs which would allow me to construct animated versions of my proposed connecto-tanglegrams, to emphasise the diachronic nature of the connections / entanglements.  Commercial animation software is expensive and technically difficult to master – so we’ll see.  Some very interesting connection diagrams were recently produced by the team working on the AHRC-funded Valuing Electronic Music project, which I will follow-up for some pointers

I’ve also been reading Deleuze and the Diagram by Jakub Zdebik.  It struck me just how important the Greek prefix ‘dia-‘ is to my current thinking, with my concentration on diagrams (including Foucauldian / Deleuzian word diagrams), diagraphics and diachrony.

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