Qualitative / Quantitative

Silverman (2013) has been giving me useful advice about the balance between qualitative and quantitative data-gathering in humanities and social science research projects.  One project that is utilizing both methods is the collaboration between the Open University and King’s College London, Valuing Electronic Music.  Yesterday (11 June 2014), Anna Jordanous gave a short paper, Using online networks to analyse the value of electronic music (here and here) at The International Conference on Computational Creativity in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Her talk focused on the quantitative analyses of the project’s data gathered from the online resource Soundcloud.

Of particular interest to me was the way in which these data (and metadata) are being visualized (in networks).  She points out that, with such a wealth of data, decisions on precisely how to represent them graphically are crucial to  getting meaningful results.  It is precisely these epistemological networks of relationships from which the ontology of the musical sound-world emerges.

I am sure that there will be a crossover between quantitative and qualitative data-sets in my own research project.

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