Sample size

My research proposal states that ‘ethnographic data’ will be collected for analysis.  This is from the ‘Research Methods’ section:

Regarding the quartet genre, data will be gathered from the members of two ensembles, associated personnel and their consumersFor computer-aided music,composers and programmers will be interviewed in addition to performers. Technologists working with broadcast, podcast, recorded and streamed music will be an important data source. Interviews must be of sufficient number to give statistically justifiable results.
Having read Silverman (2013), he advises (with examples from a number of previous students) not to be over-ambitious in the quantity of data gathered for subsequent analysis.  He claims that it is the quality of the analysis which is paramount.  I am aware of the standard project management ‘triangle’ which balances resources against time against quality of product, but where to strike the balance in this case?  A question for discussion with supervisors.
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